Twin Arrows, AZ


Twin Arrows, AZ

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Just west of the town of Two Guns, AZ along Route 66 lies the map dot known as Twin Arrows. It’s not everyday that you find a place whose name is just so literal. The abandoned trading post in Twin Arrows still sports the original landmark which was it’s namesake, although over the years the arrows have succumbed to the ravages of time and human defilement.

This photograph was captured in 6×7 format using my Zenza Bronica GS-1. The film used was black and white Fomapan 200.

Matte not included. For display only.

I have a limited number of prints available in 8×10 (20x25cm) inch and a SINGLE square format print which approximately 8×8.5 inches(20×21.5cm). If you would like the square format print please use the order button below. Otherwise you will receive the 8×10 inch version.

Wet-printed on fine 8×10 inch(20x25cm) Ilford Multi-Grade IV Classic Fiber Gloss paper. Developed in a 1:3 Kodak Dektol solution. The finished print was then toned in a 1:3 Selenium solution for maximum archival life and to introduce a slight cool tone to the photograph. Archival cleansing was achieved using my custom-made archival washer before a final bath/rinse in a 1:4 dilution of Kodak Hypo-Clear. Archival life is approximately 100 years with appropriate mounting conditions.


Author: Adam Welch-Photographist

Photomaker, author, adventurer, educator, and self-professed bacon addict. You can usually find me on some distant trail making photographs or at my computer writing about all the elegant madness that is photography.  Pick up a copy of my new photo book of wild pony portraits, Faces of Grayson.

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