Storm Over Dunes-Collectors Edition


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Storm Over Dunes-Limited Edtion 20″x30″


Mountains of sand; shifting and ever changing. It’s difficult to describe the internal transcendence which comes from marching to the top of the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado. This photograph was made just as we realized the small whisp of grey clouds which were rolling towards us an hour earlier had now mutated into a full mountain thunderstorm. Dashing from the top of the Dunes we were met with stinging sand and lighting until finally we reached the valley below soaked, breathless, and thrilled. I have many photographs from the Dunes and the San Luis Valley but this photograph and this day remains one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy the view as much as I did.

The photograph is a digitally captured black and white; split-toned with subtle gold nuances present in the highlights. Each photo is printed on Canson® Infinity Baryta Photographique. Baryta is a white, satin finished paper and is barium coated while of course being acid-free; similar to Ilford Gold Fibre. This exacting paper was selected for it’s superb tonal rendition, durability and capacity for maintaining beautifully deep shadows.

You are viewing a limited run of FIVE 20″x30″ (50.8×76.2cm) photographs; signed and numbered by the photographer. This sizing and paper combination WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE OUTSIDE OF THIS PRINTING. Overall dimensions include a 2″(5.08cm) white mounting border.

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