Pro-Tone Black and White


Timeless black and white simplicity bottled in a streamlined preset pack for Lightroom.


Subtle in execution. Powerful in appearance. A strong black and white photograph goes beyond simple shades of gray. Darkroom toning for black and white photos was born through careful chemical toning processes. Slight breaths of color held within the shadows and highlights helps to present your viewers with a more dynamically compelling image that are more than monochromatic.

Our Pro-Tone Black and White develop presets lend a taste of darkroom magic to your digital photos by concocting special toning effects that incorporate blue, gold and even red hues to the major luminance values throughout your images. Not only that, but we’ve decided to honor our analog photographic heritage by including nine separate film grain effects which can be added to any photo you choose.

The Pro-Tone Black and White pack will take your photos beyond black and white with 25 specifically engineered presets that incorporate gentle black and white toning along with subtle vignettes and custom film grain simulations. Push past the gray with Pro-Tone. Presets in .xmp format, compatible with Lightroom CC (desktop) and Lightroom Classic CC.

Author: Adam Welch-Photographist

Photomaker, author, adventurer, educator, and self-professed bacon addict. You can usually find me on some distant trail making photographs or at my computer writing about all the elegant madness that is photography.  Pick up a copy of my new photo book of wild pony portraits, Faces of Grayson.

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