Irreconcileable Differences


Lightroom wedding presets to help you finish editing before the divorce hits….


Irreconcilable Differences

If you’ve ever taken on a wedding shoot based solely on the type of beer being served at the reception then Irreconcilable Differences is for you. 

By Charisse Kenion

It contains 20 presets that will make the pain of sifting through all those shots much more bearable. 

By Cindy Baffour

Adjustments range from light and airy color tones to classic black and white.

By Arsad Pooloo

By Allef Vinicus

The marriage might last but at least these presets are a sure thing!

Irreconcilable Differences is included as part of the massive Gonzo Packs of 170 presets for Lightroom!

Author: Adam Welch-Photographist

Photomaker, author, adventurer, educator, and self-professed bacon addict. You can usually find me on some distant trail making photographs or at my computer writing about all the elegant madness that is photography.  Pick up a copy of my new photo book of wild pony portraits, Faces of Grayson.

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