Film Snob


Film simulation presets for Lightroom from a real film shooter…which means I’m better than you. Why film? Because.


Film Snob

We all know that “one guy.” You might be that guy…hell I may be that guy.

For all those men and woman lugging around the big cameras. For all of us who love the smell of fixer in the morning…and for those of us who prefer silver crystals over megapixels…I give you the FILM SNOB PRESET PACK for Lightroom.

This pack brings the goods with 15 subtle presets including color and black and white, toning, color shifts and grain simulations that won’t absolutely wreck your other adjustments.

There’s even a light leak or two thrown in for old times sake.

Film Snob is included as part of the massive Gonzo Packs of 170 presets for Lightroom!

Author: Adam Welch-Photographist

Photomaker, author, adventurer, educator, and self-professed bacon addict. You can usually find me on some distant trail making photographs or at my computer writing about all the elegant madness that is photography.  Pick up a copy of my new photo book of wild pony portraits, Faces of Grayson.

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