Hand-Made Darkroom Prints

Photography, true photography, is a closed mechanism that reaches it’s apex only when the photographer begins and ultimately ends the process. There are many paths to reach this personal and creative solidarity and for me catharsis arrives in the alchemy of darkroom printing.

For these reasons, I have chosen to offer for the first time limited quantities of hand-crafted darkroom prints.

These are photographs. Not simply images, not digital files. My hands load the film. My hands control the cameras and ultimately the prints you will find here are born from hours spent in a small, darkened room with nothing but my negatives, chemicals and light to craft the finished prints that I proudly deliver to you. Each photograph is one of a kind representation of the photographic process. Cyclic. Complete. Beautiful.

You can find the prints currently available for immediate shipping below.* Each photograph is stamped and titled along with the date of printing. Click on the image thumbnail to learn more about the technical, sizing and story behind their making. Every effort will be made to keep this page updated but of course, I can make additional copies upon request with adequate lead time. Please contact me for your specific needs.

As always, FREE domestic shipping within the continental United States is included. Each prints is shipped securely mounted between heavy-grade foam board.

*Due to the nature of the darkroom printing process there may be slight variances in contrast, tone, dimensions and minor irregularities present in each printed photograph. Please refer to detailed product description for exact information regarding each print.

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