There is a Light Somewhere: A Dudeist Perspective for Living in Times of Uncertainty

As I poured myself out into the world this morning there was no indication I would find my fingers hammering out these few words. Since they’ve already started without me, I see no reason to stop now.

We find ourselves faced with grim prospects. Grim prospects in a new reality; a weird reality where we aren’t sure what is actually happening. The majority of the world’s humans are likely coping with the same feeling of impending ruin with no solid response to the looming shadows other than fear, confusion and a distinct apprehension of the future. From my perception, the of attitude those around me leans towards the notion that the events of their lives are happening to them devoid of control, let alone any conscious autonomy on their part.

And with good reason.

Professionally, as one of those odd people who long ago managed to turn “social distancing” into a paying gig, I’ve experienced little change in my daily life other than a few international patrons disappearing along with their soon to be missed monthly incomes. In the grand scheme, a small price to pay.

Still, on a personal level, I share the same sense of fear as most other people. With two elderly parents (one who lives with me) the sober recognition of their sudden vulnerability forces my attention to the well-being of those who find themselves suffering the bleak consequences of an unknown pestilence. The prognosis? Foreordination and doom; a doom virtually every media center seems to be all too eager to shove down our uneasy throats. 

Indeed, a threat is here. A real threat. The Coronavirus is real and it will continue to be real regardless of how it’s vibrations are perceived in our own lives. At the same time, there has always been some sort of threat to our very existence in this enormous universe. Earth-killer asteroids wheel about the heavens. Cars speed thorough stop lights. Blood clots kill without notice. Cancer takes our children. We are constantly surrounded by an innumerable host of protagonists which forever lie just outside our ability to foresee or forewarn.

And yet, we survive. It’s a characteristic of the human race to bend with the shock waves without breaking. It’s never been a matter of if, when or how we will meet our end but rather that we somehow have always known that the blood of humans will continue to pump in the veins of those who come after us. Unfortunately, with each soggy speech from a politician, with every darkened report of impending apocalypse churned from a news agency, we are left with nothing but the promise of a murky future where all we can wish for is to “just make it”. A dejected picture of our own lives is painted before us.

We aren’t reassured and we aren’t comforted during these times. We are met with a challenge, sure. Yet this challenge is hurled at us clothed in pessimism and overt disregard for the one thing we need the most; hope.

The message I leave at your doorstep today is this: keep going.

Don’t allow yourself to give in to the ominous tones that are echoing all around you. We are a planetary population of individuals making up a greater whole. The problem we face is nothing knew, a problem perhaps unfamiliar to our present generations, but one that is well known to our species. Do we meet it meekly and without courage? Do we allow our own instincts to be blindingly steered by those who know just as much…or as little…about these events as we?

Our final mission has never been one of certainty. From the day we are born, all of us are hurdling towards an uncertain end. Each one of us share this common destination. The manner in which we choose to meet this ever present uncertainty is what makes us either frighteningly human or bravely and unapologetically mortal.

“Luce absente, tenebrae vincunt”;  In the absence of light, darkness prevails. Good wisdom.

There is a light somewhere. With the break of each new sunrise we are reminded that even the darkest of nights are fleeting.

Abide, my friends.

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