An Introduction to the New Highline Ballhead from the Colorado Tripod Company

Today I spent the morning roaming up and down one of my favorite haunts along the west coast between San Gregorio Beach and Pescadero, California. This stretch of Highway 1 is incredible. Wide open space with rolling hills on one side and shear white-faced cliffs on the other where the land meets the water. This area of California begs to be photographed but this morning I was there with a more specific purpose; to test out the new Highline Al ball head from an upstart company from Denver…aptly named The Colorado Tripod Company.

The CTC has opened up a new line of tripods and ball heads which cater to those shooters who want uncompromising stability and usability from there tripod platforms. In fact, the Kickstarter for their new products is counting down it’s final hours as we speak. From the looks of it, they have something that A LOT of my fellow photographers are eager to get their hands on. There are quite a few offerings from CTC so be sure to check out their video and cruise the Kickstarter page for all the juice. As of now, their wares include several iterations of the Highline ball head as well as their Aspen line.

Here are the stats for the Highline Al that I took for a spin….

This version of the Highline is made from solid aluminum throughout and sports a gunmetal finish. The Highline Ti is made from Titanium and features an understated brushed black finish. Overall, the Highline looks great. Both the ball head and pan knobs feel solid and work smoothly with an immense amount of grab. I was actually quite surprised how firmly the clamp gripped the ball with very little travel. There is a weight-shedding window cut into the front and back of the housing. This is of special interest because the user can now swivel their camera to a considerable degree while vertical. If you shoot a lot of night skies like I do you’re going to love this feature.

Overall, the new goodies being churned out from the Colorado Tripod Company look fantastic. If the rest of their line is anything like my Highline Al test model then we can expect great things from this company. Be sure to scoot over to their Kickstarter page and check them all out for yourself.

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