REVIEW: Hasselblad X1D-50c Medium Format Mirrorless Camera-Part 1 Video

Let’s talk. Last month Hasselblad sent me their X1D-50c. It’ the world’s first medium format digital camera, packing a monstrous 51MP(8272×6200) sensor. Something oddly unexpected happened while I was evaluating the X1D which has made me re-think(and re-re-think) some foundational ideas about cameras and the nature of our craft. As far as personal and professional conflictions go there’s not many more weird or beautiful than that which exists between a camera and photographer. The camera is our tool; our vector for expression. After all, we are a handicapped breed of artists. We physically require a machine in order to capture, mold and present visual impressions of captured light.

I’m very much a photographic bastard(borderline whoreish) when it comes to the cameras I use daily. Far from a camera snob and nowhere near monogamous, my tastes range from full-frame mirrorless to full-frame DSLR to 35mm and large format film…not to mention that time I turned my 5D into a pinhole camera…but that’s another story. When I got my hands on the X1D I was transfixed. It’s a beautiful as they say. The entire package feels overtly tank-like in it’s construction. Paired with the 90mm F/3.2 XCD it was etheric. Check out part #1 of the two-part video series on the nuanced medium format mutant that is the Hasselblad X1D-50c. Is it worth all that money? Or is that the question we should even be asking?

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