REVIEW VIDEO: Tamron’s Brand New 28-75mm F/2.8 Lens for Sony

Mirrorless. Mirrorless…MIRRORLESS! The long and loud cry about full frame mirrorless camera systems hasn’t ceased since Sony blasted the mainstream DSLR market into oblivion(or at least to Detroit) back in 2013. While mirrorless camera tech is certainly nothing new the advances made into the possibilities of just how good a mirrorless camera can perform have been, and most likely will be, pushed to their not so known limits. A brave new world indeed.

If there’s one thing that has constantly been a prickly little thorn in the side of the mirrorless camera boom is the selection of lenses or more accurately, the lack thereof. Fortunately, this optical drought is drawing to a gradual and most welcomed end with third party lens manufactures like Sigma and Tamron at long last deciding to climb on board the full frame mirrorless bus by producing some lenses geared towards E-Mount Sony Mirrorless systems.

A few weeks ago I got my greasy hands on Tamron’s brand new 28-75mm F2.8. It’s their flagship full frame(and cropped sensor) lens for Sony and it’s a beauty. Check out the video for my thoughts and sample images(and questionable affinity) for Tamron’s newest baby designed to tickle the pickle of mirrorless camera junkies like us.


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