VIDEO: Breakthrough Photography Magnetic Filters and X100 Filter Holder…The Future?

Magnetic filter systems are not a new invention. They have been around for quite a while in one incarnation or another. Recently, I was able to get my hands on Breakthrough Photography’s X100 GND filter holder.

The X100 is something that every landscapist should be excited about hitting the market. Not only is it small and quick to attach and detach…but it’s also dirt cheap at $49. As in “what’s the catch” kind of cheap. As it turns out there isn’t any catch. It’s just a simple, workhorse GND holder that won’t win any beauty contests but gets the job done without any fuss. 

While the X100 is awesome in it’s own right…what stole the show, or at least peaked my own debauched and slightly obsessive interest was Breakthrough’s brand new magnetic filter holder system

Check out this video on the X100 and stay tuned for more about the cool stuff the folks over at Breakthrough are dreaming up. I’ve actually just received a REVISED prototype of the magnetic holder…but you didn’t hear that from me…. More on the magnetic filter system from Breakthrough Photography as it develops. 


…and I do apologize about the mustache. 

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